Why dedicated ‘wedding’ category for experiences?

I recently celebrated my first wedding anniversary. As the <ill>luck would have it, about 300 of the 365 days of the first married year of my life were spent away from my hubby. Reason – he was off doing his MBA. Even worse, though I was at his <my> home for a good one and a half month after the wedding, I moved to a different city after that <partly because of work and partly because I wanted to be geographically closer to my husband>. To cut a long story short, I was all alone in a new city barely two months post my wedding, at a job which was nowhere close to what I had imagined. Yeah, I know, poor me :(. But in the current context, this meant – missing hubby, looking at wedding albums and DVDs, posting Facebook pics, giving unwanted advice to friends in long distance getting married, and in general stalking brides on Facebook and blogs to relive the memories of my own wedding. It is then that I came across umpteen number of blogs solely dedicated to the whole wedding planning thing. I was hooked <pun intended>. With my new year resolution of regularly maintaining a blog, this was a godsend topic. And thus the whole dedicated category of ‘wedding’ experiences to write on! 

For all the recently married, yet in long distance, girls out there, I find this to be a perfect way to kill time without being tempted to kill my hubby for not being with me, what say? 😛 


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