A visit to a fair!

On a lazy saturday morning <4.1.13>, I visited a fair along with two friends of mine after a long long time. Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand, is host to the ‘Rashtriya Khadi and Saras Mahotsava’ (fair) from 22.12.2013 to 11.01.2014. It was such a fun affair! We started off with my favourite thing of all times – a plate of paniuri (I am a sucker for those!)

After satiating our hunger pangs, we bought our tickets <10/- each 🙂 > and went inside. The first stall we stopped at was the Jharkhand Tourism one. With so many lovely photographs as the backdrop including those of adventure sports, it was bound to be a natural stop for me. I collected pamphlets, a map and a tourism guide for the state and now I am all set to plan my weekend trips <yay!!>

With that done, we roamed about the huge ground. There were beautiful wooden crafty pieces, furniture, pottery items and what not strewn all around. Handicrafts were present in abundance, the fair being a handicraft one>. There were umpteen number of stalls with sarees, suits, stoles, dupattas and funky jewellery. And then there were stalls with spices, non-perishable food items, pickles, papads and what not.


The first thing that went into my shopping bag was a beautiful set of bangles I bought for my Mom. And of course I could not resist buying a set for myself. Off we walked enchanted with all the hues spread all over. Next I bought a set of dhoopbatti in mogra and chandan fragrance for my father in law. I was tempted to buy so many things! One of the friends who accompanied me is a sucker for such places and has a keen eye for detail. She was checking out each and every stall with great attention and started off her purchase with a bag to keep all the stuff she would buy from then on.

Baya's nest Pottery

I got some wheat poha and gram and some more bangles and by then I was done! I need to check myself while shopping.

Well, by then we were hungry! There was a food court with a sign that read – “Tastes  from all states”. We headed to the Rajasthani one, as my friends who had visited the fair the past weekend had recommended that. I bought a plate of Kachoris, and my friends treated themselves to Rabri-Jalebi and Chat. I was disappointed at my choice. It was oily, heavy and well – not tasty. Nevertheless, from there on while we had planned to go back home, there were still some stalls we hadn’t visted yet. So, refreshed after the food, we went off stall hopping again. This time I bought something utilitarian, a chopper. And then we went to enjoy merry go rounds. It was suich fun screaming and enjoying while experiencing that weird yet nice feeling while the merry go round comes down.

The Merry Go Rounds

I so got reminded of Appu Ghar.

And with that, we finally bid adieu to the grounds and left to go home!

Have you been to a fair recently? How was it. Share your experience too!

<Images courtesy the friend visiting the fair with me>


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