How we met?

Ours is a typical <maybe> college story. We were classmates during our undergrad. And as is always is, I didn’t like him at all in the beginning 🙂 I found him snobbish and narcissistic while he found me talkative and moody.

Days passed and while recuperating from a non existent relationship, I found him the most comforting soul around. Realised he wasn’t all about himself after all :P. I was a big time commitment freak, tomboy and career minded at the time he asked me out for the first time <you read it right, he did ask me out more than once :D> Anyway, the timing couldn’t have been worse and after my first polite yet firm decline, the friendship sorts of  suffered.

Being the awesome planner he is, he decided to bide his time and then asked me out again. But I wasn’t ready – yet – again. Anyhow, he figured I am probably too hard a nut to waste time cracking 😛 . Meanwhile, there was a crazy fight on stupid reason and he decided that my extreme mood swings were becoming too much to handle. That’s when he decided to stop trying. And when he stopped wooing me was when I realized I was being wooed in the first place. <I know, stupid me>

Long story short, there was one last ‘asking out’ incidence – this time from my side <Insert shy coy smile> Apparently he wanted to keep me waiting like I did (got to know this much later) but was too happy to contain himself from saying yes. And the very next day, we were in our college football grounds, him with a red rose on his knees, and me with a red face (blushed way too hard).

And with that most clichéd pose and an even more clichéd line, our happily ever after story began!


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