The ‘Roka’

It had been two and a half months since I was back in Delhi after my Masters. My parents were after my life to get hitched and well I kinda wanted to too 🙂 But that was when my guy got his CAT interview call. Obviously, both of us wanted him to get done with this MBA and then go forward but parents are a different breed. So, one fine day, our parents decided that we can at least start the “process” by doing the roka ceremony and figure out the details of engagement and wedding later. The navratra’s were about to commence, one of those nine days seemed like a good time. That’s how 25th of March 2012 was decided to be the day we would formally announce our alliance to friends and family. 🙂

It was a small family function, a gathering of about 40 people. Roka is not a function that we (the girls side) were familiar with. I was told that its a very small, closed family affair. So, in the name of preparations, all I did was buy myself a new dress. If only someone had told me otherwise (sigh!). Nevertheless, with my new red suit on, sans any make up (In my defence, I had never, I repeat NEVER, applied any make up except kajal and lip gloss in my entire life before that, except maybe when I performed in a group dance in class four in school where our teachers rubbed it on our faces). It was only when I reached the venue, a banquet hall booked by my father for the occasion, that I realised that my sister and I were probably the most under-dressed for the occasion. Apparently she took her cues from me.

But the groom-to-be complimented me as soon as he saw me and that put me at ease 🙂 We were made to sit on two of those ‘stage’ like chairs and the moment I had been dreading on came. I was so sure I would burst out laughing as soon as I realise I am the centre of attention. The feeling was so strange considering that I absolutely love stage time and have taken the opportunity to get on stage every single time I could. I guess it was because I had never imagined myself a bride and the fact that it was the starting of my wedding functions made me realise that I would have to grow up. I don’t know, I can’t put the feeling of so called ‘awkward shyness’ in words.

The happy us at 'Roka'

The actual ceremony started with my mother in law presenting me with some gifts and blessings and then each member from the groom’s side coming to bless us and give us sweets. Then my father presented ‘him’ with some gifts and my side of family came with the sweets. My sister came with a few potato fries and said, I am sure you guys must be bored of eating sweets by now. 🙂 The best part of the function was when my mother in law gifted me a beautiful self composed poem written on a huge sheet decorated with flowers and other craft things. Have I mentioned she is one of the ‘artist’ kinds yet 🙂

The beautiful poem by Mom

It was very touching and the three women in the hall (My Mom, Mummy and I) were smiling with moist eyes. With that we were ‘formally’ to be engaged 😛


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