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A question to all the men in the room – How many of you get up every morning to the smell of breakfast being prepared in the kitchen by someone, whom you used to think of as the most beautiful person in the world a couple of years back, before you exchanged those rings or vows .
A question to all the women in the room – How many of you reach home every day after work to see wet towels on the sofa and dirty socks on the floor, courtesy someone, whose these very acts seemed very funny and behavior cute sometime back?
In short, how many of those present in the room are married?
How many of you have to face – ‘Mummy, Daddy, You have to come to the Parents Teachers Meet this Friday’ or hear -‘Mrs. X, your son again broke my glass window/ dirtied my lawn’; which makes you swell with proud, thinking of your son or daughter as future Sachin or Sania?
In other words, how many of you have cute little adorable kids I can play with sometimes?
How many of you love to cuddle your lovely pup or admire the shiny whiskers of those furry little cats? Those Hespers and kitties you love to take for a walk, groom in beauty parlors and feed with pedigree?
How many of you have watering mouths thinking of delicacies on dining table courtesy your mother or that sigh of relief at the mere touch of that firm yet soft hand of your father on your shoulder?
How many of you have fought with your sister or brother in your childhood over an extra slice of pizza or every single point in that game of badminton or carom?

Greetings toastmasters and dear friends, wondering why am I asking all these questions? What is the link? What is common to all you people who raised their hand for one question or the other?
It is – the feeling called –‘Love’; A strange and beautiful feeling, that you get when you are with your spouse, your children, your parents, your favorite dog, your sister, your friend or your lover.

Love – What is it? Wikipedia defines Love as a number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. The word love can refer to a variety of feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure to intense interpersonal attraction. This diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, compared to other emotional states.

Love exists in various forms, loving your friends, loving your country, loving your job, loving a particular thing and so on and so forth. Yes even prep for cat.

All of us experience this feeling at one or the other time in life. Except perhaps those, who were sleeping in the introduction and did not raise their hand at any of the question.
Patriotism – Remember the Kargil war, when everyone was seen with the tricolor in hand and fervor in heart – Saying ‘I Love my India’.
Seen those advertisements on the Madhapur – jubilee hills road asking you straight in the face – ‘We love coming for work, do you?’
Watched – Rang de Basanti – another example of patriotism at one hand and the love for a friend at other, love for justice in the larger picture?
How many of you have been to pizza hut saying – I love that ebony & Ivory ice-cream?
Experienced those cute little moments of puppy love when that humble guy or radiant gal were the ones you went to school for?
The most common form of love people think of when they hear this word, would be that of lovers, of two people committed to take care of each other, to be with each other in moments of happiness and strife – sounds similar to the vows of wedding? Well wedding it-self is based on that feeling of mutual respect & Love. Without these, it’s but a baseless arrangement between two human beings to spend their lives together as per the social custom. Love is the feeling which keeps that relationship alive.

Let me share with you a story.
A girl was talking to her mother about the changes to expect in her life after her fast approaching wedding date. She was worried about the love she may or may not get from her would be husband. As a wedding gift, her mother gave her a joint account. She told her daughter to deposit some money, let’s say 100 bucks, every time she felt good about her new life or experienced something nice. She also asked her to record the event in the passbook. Daughter did as told. A couple of years later – she had a huge row with her husband, it went to such an extent that she called up her mother and said – I want to get divorced. Her mother assuaged her heretic beliefs and told her, it is fine, but how will you manage? The girl too, didn’t want to ask for monetary help from her parents. It was then that the mother reminded her of that joint account. She asked her to go check that balance. Daughter took out the passbook and leafed through the pages. Lo! There were the most beautiful moments of her married life etched in paper in front of her. Tears swarmed her eyes; she understood the lesson, thanked her mother and got back to sewing up the pieces of life on the threshold of that irreparable damage divorce might have caused.

What is it that I want you to take from these 5-7 minutes? The fact that Love, indeed is one of the most important requisite of our lives, that giving somebody the gift of love is one of the most precious gifts you can give or get; that the next time you see a soul in need of affection, don’t hesitate, go ahead and give that jadu ki jhappi; when you see a broken heart, go ahead and console, shower them with love and affection, teach them to get back to faith in Love.
I would like to conclude with these two lines I read somewhere some time back which got me thinking and speaking about Love:

I look in to your eyes and this is when,
I thank you for teaching me to love again!


4 thoughts on “CC4 Love

      1. yes I joined Toastmasters in November. I actually stumbled across your interview experience of civil services . I must say you did good, I was actually feeling the heat while reading the experience , you crafted it so well. You are really exploring the life in a dynamic manner as your profile suggests.By the way,I am also preparing for the civil services.
        Best wishes for the results !!!

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