Making of a V-Day Gift

I know, the day has already gone. But I was out for the weekend and could not share it then. And I just have to. Because I spent a lot of time on it. Because I think it looks good. Because a DIY was on my bucket list. And most importantly, the intended audience (a.k.a. my Husband) liked it! So here it goes: For this valentine’s day I gave my Husband,

“A barrel full of memories, reasons (countless) for ‘why I love him’ in another,
Tied to each other, stemming from beautiful memories we have had,
A barrel full of chocolates and a bunch of red roses in another,
After all, it was a Valentine’s Day gift, and their absence would just be sad,
And in the last barrel, I kept the tiny hearts, to tell him that I have long-lost mine,
There’s nothing else which could weigh up to him, nothing at least that I had”

The Inside I got a lot of old photographs, printed really small and wrote down the memories from the time those pictures were taken on tiny paper scrolls. The pictures, the scrolls, the chocolates, the rose bunch, the hearts all went in five barrels I got, and the five barrels and a letter to him went in another big box. 

I painted the box on all sides, wrote some of The boxmy favorite quotes and made it into a pen holder (or so I would like to believe 😛 ).

And this was the final thing, a riot of colors begging attention!

 My V-day Gift

I know it was pretty childish, but I loved making and gifting it 🙂

And what did I get – a diary with some of the most beautiful and profound thoughts written on the first few pages by my husband (who by the way isn’t too fond of writing). I may not believe in the fact that there are specific days to celebrate love (or other things for that matter) but no one can deny that these days give you the little pleasures of life. Until the next ‘gift’ day then!


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