CC7 And so I thought

This speech was delivered by me at “Vision Toastmasters” in Hyderabad for a TM project which involved research as an objective. I did a small survey on the topic of the speech, made a power point presentation and delivered the speech with the help of a projector as a visual aid. While delivering the speech I asked questions and the audience response was woven into my speech. So the written part may seem a little incomplete. The presentation which I used with my speech can be accessed here – Thought. I hope you like it!

I was reading my club report the other day and it dawned on me that I am yet to achieve my educational goals for this toastmaster year. I started thinking – when should I give my next speech project. Thankfully, I got a slot. Now, the time was – to think – what to speak? I thought and thought and thought. While thinking about the topic I suddenly realized that I have thought of the word ‘thought’ eight times already.

Toastmaster of the day, toastmasters and dear guests, it was then that I thought of ‘Thought’ as my speech topic.

Have you ever thought what a ‘Thought’ is?

Thought is a mental process which allows beings to be conscious, make decisions, imagine and, in general, operate on symbols in a rational or irrational manner. It is an element/instance of thinking and is used as its synonym. Some similar words can be cognition, sentience and consciousness. Scientifically speaking – thought are electromagnetic waves travelling from synapse to synapse via neurons enabling us to think.

When I started thinking of ‘thought’, I came across a Vedanta presentation on it. It considered thought as a form of energy, capable of exerting force and performing physical feats. This presentation talked of thought as a physical entity having mass, color and power. I got interested and looked into these aspects of thought. I did a small survey on these attributes of thought to gain a perspective on the topic at hand. My research on the same landed me to some amazing facts which I wish to share.

  1. Mass of thought: They have matter the same way as electromagnetic radio waves have matter. If thought is defined as electrical impulse moving through brain, then yes, it has mass, and thus, gravity. Electricity is the move of electrons through a medium. Electrons are a particle of spin 1/2, meaning they have mass. However, they have such small mass that the gravitational force would be extremely small.
  2. Color of thought: Visible light are the only known EM waves we can see and hence associate a color to. Since thought waves are yet to be measured in frequency and wavelength we do not know yet if we can associate colors to them, however our scriptures and chromatic have been doing it since ages. Red – Angry, Passionate; Yellow – Calm and so on.
  3. Speed of thought: The neurons which transmit information about reflexes and body movements to and from the brain optimally transmit a signal between 5 and 120 m/s [fast]. The neurons responsible for thinking transmit at speeds around 0.5 m/s. Compare this number to the speed of light, which ideally is 300,000,000 m/s. That means that on a human’s best day, the speed of thought is 600,000,000 times slower than the speed of light.
  4. Thought Power: IONS in PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab) conducted an experiment which suggested that thought can affect and change critical mass.  Sept 11, 2001- Four scientists discovered that as the frightened world came together and focused in shared grief on this single tragedy, the outputs of thirty-seven different Random Event Generators around the world suddenly became significantly less random. Somehow, the oneness of this shared experience, the coalescing of millions of minds, had affected the randomizing function of these machines, organizing their outputs and bringing order from chaos.

The Lost Symbol

And so now my perceptions of thought have changed. Hope this speech has given all of you some food for thought!


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