Gangtok Trip – Food and the Rest!

I have written about the adventure, nature and culture part of my Gangtok trip so far. But in my opinion, what makes or breaks a vacation is the overall experience and a major sensory input to that experience is food! I had made up my mind about trying local food this time (a major decision considering how picky I am with food) and I was glad I did. The best part was breakfast. Sipping hot tea amidst cold mountains with a plate of momos in front of you!

IMG_0056 IMG_0196

The other was having ‘Pan fried noodles’, ‘Thukpa’ and another dish the name of which I can’t recall, after an exhausting but exciting trip to the zoo. But what made me want to write a whole different post about food was a cafe at MG marg. The decor and ambience were lovely, the food delicious and the hospitality wonderful. I would let the pictures do the talking for me for that place.

The entrance Chefs Spices? Herbs Such an apt coffeee descriptionLemon Honey Ginger Tea Us Coffee Pita with Salsa Testimonials Bakery The next stop of our eat-out agenda was a place called ‘The Golden dragon’. They had great ambience, food & a karaoke bar! The dessert that we ordered was horrible though 😦

IMG_0294 IMG_0285With a beautiful song by my hubby our food and adventure came to an end , and with this line, my posts on Gangtok. Coming up next – Bhutan!



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