Have you ever faced that time,
When you were guilty of some crime?
Not as big a sin as it could have been,
but enough to trail your tears till chin.
probably you hurt someone,
though it might not have been intentionally done.
But your words made somebody cry,
so much so, his tears didn’t dry.
He could have been your friend.
But you decided to let that friendship end.
You were losing a precious gift,
you had widen that in between drift.
You didn’t realize the consequences which could follow,
you drenched that person in sorrow.
He left without saying anything,
You were happy of that elusive win.
As the days pass by,
you remembered, how he bade good-bye.
You were engrossed in memories,
of being together, round those trees.
His help, his love and his affection,
His true worries, his true concern.
How he used to take care of you,
How he asked you, of good things to do.
But that was, yes, very, very late.
You had, of his return, closed every gate.
And your heart was full of remorse.
You tried to, in new work, let yourself be engrossed.
But that didn’t help much out.
In front of a mirror, you began to shout.
Why? Why had I done that deed?
He was a very good friend indeed.
If your answer to my question is no,
Do heave a sigh of relief or so.
This is one reason, of my pain.
I tried to bring my friend back, but all in vain.
Get a moral from this story line,
be true to your friend, they are true to you, as was mine!



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