In the End

With all smiles, and those lovely moments,
With raised hopes and wish that torments,
With the best of words and deeds and love,
I hope to leave, with a smile in the end.

Having spent the time of my life in good,
Having been in the sky, in oceans, in woods,
Having done all that my heart wished for,
I hope to leave, content, in the end.

To those who matter, by giving heart full of love,
To what I want, having been true and pure as a dove,
To the time and place and feelings, being faithful
I hope to leave, honest, in the end.

Being good in all roles I played since I was born,
Being decisive, accurate at these crucial junctures and not torn,
Being fun and nice, helpful, successful, yet down to earth,
I hope to leave, innocent, in the end.

Not in the path of happiness, pride, achievement of any one,
Not jealous, stupid, childish, never spoiling the fun,
Not on the wrong side of what I know to be bad,
I hope to leave, intact soul, in the end


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