Where and What Would I End Up Being?

Where and What Would I end up Being?
Where and What Would I end up Being?

I remember long long ago, when I was just old enough to talk,
I had learnt being human, learnt to smile, to cry and to walk.
Well, not remember actually, but it’s a time I can visualize
And all that I ever wanted then, was to be close to my mother’s eyes.
Grew up some, reached school, when I was aged around five,
Learning numbers, alphabets, not peeing in my pants, was enough for me to jive.
Years passed by, I started thinking too, still at school, aged around ten,
Ranking first in my class, in the rat race really, was my goal, though I didn’t know it then.
I did succeed in those two aspects, so far I was doing just fine;
There wasn’t enough grey matter in my head which could have caused me to whine.
Skipped a few years ahead, made friends, shared games, gossip and lunch,
Wanted to make a nuclear fusion reactor, solving world’s energy issue was the punch.
Had just started getting to know of Science, Politics, Religion, Other books’ contents,
The silly me at the age of fourteen, wanted to be the largest democracy’s president.
Moved places, changed schools, made new friends, understood the meaning of a foe,
Got a few clumsy proposals, had a few crushes, about relationships I came to know.
By then the reality had started clutching the dreams in its cruel paws;
The eager proud eyes of parents, prickly glances of people around, were thorns ‘n’ rose.
Decisions were made as much by them as by me, somewhere around sixteen.
Medicine & Engineering were the choices, though different was what I would have been.
Time passed, I did become an engineer, hopes of ‘self’ again strangled the throat.
This time, it was a degree in MBA or a high paying job, my passions were still being rot.
Fortunately at twenty one, an adult, I had a job with good money and a known brand,
But soon got tired of the monotony, adrenaline wanting to squirt out of glands.
From five to fifteen to fifteen hundred, then the distances began to soar,
And I ended up on the opposite end of the globe, at the age of twenty four.
Wanted to stay back, wanted to come back home, wanted to do SO much,
Tried hands at working elsewhere, teaching, nurturing another little hope as such.
At twenty five, I was married, to the man I loved, exchanged the vows and the rings,
Still, so near, and yet so far, today I wonder,
Where and what would I end up being?


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