I Love You, Mom!

While browsing through endless lovely, touching and beautiful messages of ‘Mother’s Day’ on various social networks, somewhere my heart asked me to pen down one for the most amazing person I have in my life!

My earliest memories of my mother are those of her dressing me up in cute frocks, putting makeup on me which I disliked to say the least (and continue doing so, though to a lesser degree ( 🙂 ). I remember mummy waking up earlier than a time I could even think of then, so she could force feed me before I ran for school. I remember her stuffing the lunch box into my school pack back. I remember how she would plait my hair in two braids lest I should get it wrong and be laughed upon in school, no matter how busy she was. I remember her giving me extra ‘pocket-money’ so I could enjoy the occasional ‘treats’ with my girlfriends. I remember her standing in the queue to buy my school books, notebooks, book covers, name slips, pencils, pens, erasers and countless other stuff. I remember her being more excited and nervous on my result days than myself. I remember her being able to judge my moods by a mere twitch, frown or smile. I remember her proud face every time I won a prize, a competition, topped an exam or stood ‘tall’ on the stage reciting a poem or acting in a play. I remember her anxious face when I first got my periods. I remember her staying up late while I was up studying or rehearsing for a play. I remember her anxiety when I changed school against my wish and I remember her tensed face while I changed it of my own accord. I remember her being extra cautious on my first day at new school, packing the meticulously prepared lunch, picking out the well laundered clothes and keeping all requisite things in my new school bag. She was worried that my ‘new’ school, being known for more well to do families’ children, may not accept me as is. And oh, how can I ever forget her pride mingled with a sigh of relief when I made it to one of the top engineering colleges in the state. She was on cloud nine, more so than I was, having proved to the conservative society we lived in, that her children weren’t being given the ‘liberty’ of education for no reason. How I loved my mother then. I remember her tears as she realized that I would be moving to a hostel. I remember her concern over my peculiar food habits. I can recall the exact conservation still, she had with our hostel mess incharge, “Bhaiya, ye pyaaz nahi khati, please iske liye bina pyaaz ka khana bana dena.” (She doesn’t eat onions, please make food sans onion for her). And I remember with great gratitude the food of my liking available to me in the hostel for the next three and a half years of my residency. I remember how she helped me with my luggage in the hostel early in the morning, before rest of the students could see us, so no one would notice us not having a car then. I remember her support in whatever I did, from something as small as being a part of my college dramatics team, which would have been ‘forbidden’ for the auditions being conducted at late hours. I remember her listening to all my rants, relating to NOT having enough freedom, while not knowing how even those snippets were coming by because of her. I remember her happiness when semester after semester I topped my class, for it were only my academic achievements, which could keep criticism from others at a bay, for my being allowed to be admitted to an engineering college, and to add to horrors, living in a hostel. I remember her joyous face when I secured a job, her dilemma when she realized that it came with an obligation to move to a different state, and her struggle to make it happen. I can still sense the joyous outlook she presented when I gave her a gift from my first salary. I remember her tears as I told her I was moving to a different country for a while. I remember her face lit with laughter as she received me a year later at the airport. I remember her apprehensions as she was faced with the decision to get me married. I remember her joys through the process of my wedding and her weeping when I left post it. All through these moments, looking past, what I can remember the most is the love, care, affection, support, trust, strength and wisdom she has bestowed upon me. And I know being the shy and awkward-while-accepting-appreciation person she is, it will not be possible for me to tell this to her in person and so I let these words satisfy me for the time being, ‘I Love You, Mom!’

While I am overwhelmed with what God has given me in form of my mother, I can’t help but thank my stars for the unending kindness bestowed upon me in form of the most affable, loving and beautiful mother in law. Every day leading up to my wedding, I was as apprehensive and nervous as I was excited for though I knew my husband-to-be, I didn’t know how his family would be. Today, I can confidently say that all those were worthless fears. My ‘new’ mother is as close to my own mother, as another person can be. I can look back fondly upon many moments in a mere one and a half years of our journey together. She has accepted me for who I am, motivated me, loved me, taught me, helped me, pampered me, and in many instances, gone beyond what my own mother would have done, so that I wouldn’t feel out of place at my ‘new’ home. She makes me look forward to our time together, full of love and laughter. She has become to me, a symbol of confidence, grace and commitment. And to her, I say the same, as no other words would do, ‘I Love You, Mom!’

Thank you for being in my life, both of you, amazing superhumans! Happy Mother’s Day!


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