Illustrations of Women by Carol Rossetti

This is why I love blogs! It is in the blogosphere that I read and see things which make me feel the world still has hope 🙂

Project Naked

This is one of the reasons I love facebook and can’t quite give it up because I come across amazing things like this from the various pages I follow. This is the amazing work by Carol Rossetti, so simple yet so powerful! I wanted to share on the blog because I felt it so fitting and something a lot of woman will relate to. Also the illustrations are just too KICK ASS not to share.












Posted with permission. Please go to http:// to see more of her amazing work!

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3 thoughts on “Illustrations of Women by Carol Rossetti

  1. Hi ma’am, I was searching sth abt civil Services and luckily came to know abt ur blog… I couldn’t read it much bt whtever little I got an impression tht u r just like me… it is nt just becoz we hv many common interests bt sth tht I rarely find in common- attitude and world view… looking forward to learn and share with u 🙂

    (I am 21, an Engg., civil service aspirant and a social worker from Roorkee)

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