ACBS3 Selling T-Shirts Anyone?

The third project of my specialty speeches dealt with being a salesperson for the day. The weekend after I was to deliver the speech, the Hyderabad 10K run (like a marathon but for 10 Km) was due to happen. So I took the opportunity to sell toastmasters T-shirts for the run to the audience. I delivered the speech with the help of visual aids – a presentation and the T-shirt itself. I have attached the presentation I used at the bottom but have also pasted images of my slides for the reader to get the context.


Slide 1

Slide 1 -> Introduction – Gave an introduction about the project and my motive.

Slide 2

Slide 2 -> Table of Contents – Setting the agenda right.

Slide 3
Slide 3 ->  28th November is the scheduled date for Hyderabad 10K Run!
This event is special in many ways which you can read on their website, but why it is special for me is because it has turned me into sales personnel for a day! It is the day for which I am going to sell some merchandise to you all!

Slide 4
Slide 4 ->
That’s right

  • I am here to sell to you this wonderful T Shirt to be proudly worn on 28 November
  • I am here to help you make a very well-informed decision
  • I am here to help you discover a brand new apparel for yourself
  • I am here to prove to you the worth of your money, should you care to place your confidence in me and the money in this T Shirt
  • I am here to save you some time and let you do easy shopping right here in this meeting

Slide 5
Slide 5 ->

  • A lot of people will be a part of this run. You need to differentiate yourself from that crowd – it is a natural human tendency and what better chance? Now even while differentiating yourself from the crowd, you need a style. You can differentiate yourself by thousand means but not all of them would be positive.
  • Differentiation will make sense when this is recognized by the group, and for that what better platform then where we all are right now, toastmasters. With this T-shirt you will also contribute to market this movement which has benefited people in 113 countries, this is your time to give back!
  • To add to it, this can be counted towards your CL 6 credit, part of PR Campaign for your club, and mind you CL 6 is not easy to come by! There are very few opportunities to be a CL 6!
  • Lastly, this T-shirt is one way to be at peace if you can’t be a part of reverberations for any reason, you will have some consolation and something to contribute to the conversation when people are back from Mumbai!

Slide 6

Slide 6 ->

  • A white is a must in everyone’s wardrobe!
  • Whether you are my size or Harsh’s (a lovely toastmaster, a little chubby, but now I will give him a run for his money for being plump)– I have them all!
  • Perfect for the time when you would run those 10 KMs
  • 50000 Volts – Not electric – the vendor name!
  • All the efforts that Sugandh (another toastmaster who had put in a lot of hard work in getting these T-Shirts designed, made and delivered) has put in – for your benefit – at no cost!

Slide 7

Slide 7 ->

  • You can pay – Cash on Delivery!
  • First 3 buyers get a surprise!
  • I would deliver your order right away!
  • Guarantee to give you your money’s worth!

Slide 8

Slide 8 ->
Some Numbers

And then I concluded with the following slide – I am very glad and proud to say that i sold three T-Shirts there and then, in the meeting itself. 🙂

Slide 9


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