Love in the Time of Cholera – A Book Review

Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Price: Rs. 399

Love in the Time of CholeraSometimes, you come across a story which is hopelessly romantic; which talks of the love despite class and age and family and health. A story which holds you close, to experience the raggedness of breath and trembling of hands, arising out of passion or pity, one cannot fathom. And then you know, that Love, truly, has no bounds. It can’t be explained, experienced or justified in any one particular way.

Such a story is “Love in the Time of Cholera”; spanning 53 years, 7 months, 11 days and nights. It keeps pulling you inside, to discover the beauty and pain of its being. The story of a young boy and girl, trying to weave their emotions in a coherent whole through surreptitious glances and clandestine letters. The story of their not yet existing but nevertheless blossoming love affair being discovered and the story of trying to separate their destinies. The story of wait, agony, lust, want, passion manifesting so differently in the two parties so as to leave each other as well as the readers confounded. The story of domesticity. The story of a couple. The story of domestic squabbles. The story of love. The story of Love in the Time of Cholera.

And when all these stories, all these threads, hanging around out of so many different places come together to tie the knot so vehemently desired by so many, you know, that the writer has suffered tirelessly to make it happen this particular way.

Definitely Recommended. Especially for hopeless romantics!


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