Dying for a Living

Dying for a Living – A Jesse Sullivan Novel

Author: Kory M Shrum

Dying for a Living

The title intrigued me. Though I had never heard of the author before, it seemed an interesting topic, both literally and metaphorically. And so, I started to read. The book had me hooked from page one.

Dying for a Living is a sort of science fiction thriller, which talks about Necronites and AMPs, people who can get up from being dead with no more than a minor loss of their brain so to say, and people who can sense and perceive things to be, based on magnetic fields, sort of like psychics.

The protagonist is Jesse Sullivan, a typical teenage girl, but for the fact that she dies for a living, quite literally. She is a Government approved death replacement agent, that is, she dies instead of other people for a fee in consideration. Other than being a Necronite or a zombie as she likes to call herself, she is a normal girl with normal issues and characteristics – rebellious attitude, romance, family, money and so on.

On her nth death replacement, things begin to go wrong, with a “mortal” attack on her. There are many suspects and motives – The Church, The Government, Colleagues, Personal Vendetta, Morality and Ethics being a few. How she figures this out, with numerous things from her past resurfacing and future allowing a few glimpses, with help of friends she didn’t know she could count on, makes for a fast paced thrilling read and ends at a cliffhanger.

All in all, its a good thriller, recommended for a curious and open mind!


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