From Here to There

It is tough to observe the changes
It is weird to explain the reasons
It is impossible to justify the actions
It is crazy to dispel the notions

It is best left to the judgment of the preying eyes
It is easy to accept the rumours then to expose the lies
It is simple to hold a cigarette and blow the smoke away
Then having to wipe off the ashes, scattered away in the skies

The beauty of the solitary moon in the starlit sky
The crashing waves, the slapping breeze, the feeling of being high
Do something to enchant me, tear me up, make me cry
Every whisper makes me open up and then it makes me shy

Observations of this enigmatic beauty, is that for which I pine
Explanation of the inexplicable is the call that in my mind is mine
Justification of this craving and the calling eludes others, makes me whine
This is why the notions remain and on rumours they choose to dine

Does it matter? Do I care?
Am I wary of the stares?
“Hell Yeah” and “Heck No” keep oscillating
They’ll remain as is,
Till all souls lay bare
Till all can sit and share
Till common is every “rare”
From here to there!


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