Bucket List 2016

After having been lazy for so long, I finally decided to put the virtual pen on paper. This list should have come out a month ago. However, better late than never. So, here are a few things I want to do this year –

Read more books – A tangible goal is to read one every two weeks. At the least. And to track my progress, I have joined the HT Brunch Book Challenge. Armed with a new kindle and the rekindled love with words, I hope to be able to do justice to this goal.

Watch more movies – My husband is a complete movie buff. Every time he talks about movies, he gets all animated and excited. And all the movies that I have watched on his recommendation have been really good watch. So this year, I have decided to watch some movies so as to be able to share his enthusiasm. (I know, lucky him 🙂 ) My goal, the same as the books, one evey two weeks at the least.

Blog more often – While my first year in blogging was fairly good, in the second one I became lethargic. This year, I plan to write more often and share my thoughts and views online. I have a long list of draft posts which I plan to write and publish with a humble goal of one every two weeks.

Travel more – Thanks to my job, this goal would be more easily achievable than the others. With the travel for the first four months of  the year already planned and booked, the real goal would be to travel with an open mind and learn something from each one of my outings. Looking forward to this!

Getting fit – Though the kilograms and inches may not be declining, I definitely feel fitter this year as compared to the last, with decent outdoor time. I plan to continue the same this year, a little more regularly. Running shoes on!

Hoping for a happy 2016!


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